EC En 541 Active and Passive Filters

Winter Semester 2022

Instructor: Dr. David Long


One of the key products in industry is a written design report. In order to give you some practical experience, you will design, build, and test a filter and prepare a report on your results. The final report should be 5-10 pages in length and have at least 3 references (more preferred). The report should describe the design and the measured filter performance. The rubric used for grading the reports is shown below. Include a photo of your filter as well as S11 and S12 plots.

(1) A narrow band-reject filter for a radio transmitter (or reciever) that rejects the frequency range associated with L-band GPS signals. The filter should have minimal loss for 300-2000 MHz.

(2) A narrow bandpass filter centered at 905 MHz with a rejection of -40 dB at GPS frequencies. The filter should pass frequencies of 900-920 MHz with minimal loss.

(3) A low pass filter with a 3-dB corner frequency of 450 MHz or less that passes 405-420 MHz with minimial loss. The filter rejection for frequencies greater than 1 GHz must be 60 dB or more.

The design report is due 5 April 2022.

ECEn 541 Active and Passive Filters

Winter 2022

Sample Report Evaluation Form


Author's Name:                                                                                   

Evaluations (1=Poor, 3=Average,5=Excellent):

Filter loss performance:                                                 

Filter rejection performance:                                         

Clarity of presentation:                                                    

English, Grammar, Spelling, etc.:                                     

Overall Presentation Evaluation:                                      

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